Making Informed Decisions with Satellite Imagery

When it comes to investment or policy decisions, information is key. Traditionally, we have relied on news sources and government statistics to inform our decisions. However, relying solely on already disclosed information can lead to being late to the game, and even basing decisions on rumors or gossip can result in significant losses.

To address this information imbalance, satellite imagery offers a solution. With the ability to provide timely and accurate information, satellite imagery is becoming a valuable tool for decision-making in various industries.


Seungchul Lee​

Bachelor of Science in Department of Earth System Sciences, Yonsei University

Master of Science in School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Seoul National University

Researcher at Seoul National University Institute of Basic Science

Representative of Stellarvision


Kwang-seob Kim

Doctor of Philosophy (Information and Computer Engineering), Hansung University

Researchers at Hansung University GIS/RS Lab

Heejun Park

Master of Business Administration, Education, Korea University

Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics Engineering), Myongji Univeristy

Taeyeon Won​

Bachelor of Computer Engineering, Hansung University

Senior Researcher of the Marvrus AI Team

Jeayoung Yoon

Bachelor of Science in New Materials Engineering, Kyunggi University

Researcher at the Korea Electronics Research Institute

Junhyun Oh

Bachelor of Physics, Dongguk University

Air Force Meteorological Officer

Taeyeon Won

Bachelor of Computer Engineering, Hansung University

Senior Researcher of the Marvrus AI Team

Sunhee Sihn

Bachelor of Law, Korea University

Yeong-gwang Choo

Department of Computer Engineering, Hansung University

Hyeonji Kim

Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, Yonsei University

Junyub Lee

Department of Industrial Engineering, Yonsei University

Jiwon Chae

Department of Urban Planning & Engineering, Yonsei University

Jingai Huang

Department of Artificial Intelligence, Yonsei University


we works with one of the world's leading space agencies and leading companies.

Dr. Jeong Jeong-kyo

Dr. Choi Byung-hun

Dr. Choi Chang-hyun

Prof. Moonchul Kim

Dr. Kim Seung Hee

Dr. Kang Ki-mook

Dr. Jung Sung-hwan

Dr. Jang anjin.




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